Anxiety patients/general anaesthetic

Children and even adults are often traumatised by poor dental practices. It takes a long time and patience to rebuild trust in the dentist. Laughing gas is very helpful in this regard. A medical dose is administered via the nose. It is important that the patient only breathes through the nose for the nitrous oxide to take effect. The patient remains fully conscious with a clear mind, and may stop treatment at any time if so desired.

Nitrous oxide induces a pleasant feeling of warmth in the body, one loses all sense of time and floats a little, as though one has had three glasses of wine. The effect of nitrous oxide completely disappears about five minutes after treatment (also from the blood since this is decomposed directly in the body). Laughing gas allows treatment to be more relaxed and stress-free. Pain sensations are thereby considerably reduced, an anaesthetic (injection) is nevertheless required.

In-house general anaesthesia is also available under guidance of our competent anaesthesia team.