Dental hygiene/ prophylaxis

Your teeth, as well as your gums are important for your well-being and your health. Specific prophylactic measures help maintain one’s own teeth well into old age, which we would all like to achieve.

Poor dentition and diseased gums adversely affect the entire human body. Regularly visiting your dental hygienist and dentist is therefore important to prevent sequelae of disease. Professional tooth cleaning involves intensive cleaning, and aims to gently remove all deposits, tartar and bacteria on the surface of teeth. This reduces the number of bacteria in the oral cavity and contributes to the prevention of some diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, dementia (new studies) as well as avoidance of miscarriage and premature birth.

Periodontal disease (commonly known as periodontitis) is a disease of the dental bed and a very common cause of early tooth loss. It is genetic in origin and is worsened by smoking and poor oral hygiene. Bacterial deposits cause chronic gingivitis, with bone destruction and tooth loss. Since this disease is frequently painless, it often goes undetected and is usually underestimated. It however has a good prognosis with regular dental visits and oral hygiene coaching.

Our techniques include:
• Manual
• Ultrasound
• Airflow (powder-water jet, very gentle and pleasant)

Gums may often be affected during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Regular prophylaxis is therefore recommended during this period.

Halitosis is socially unacceptable and often a taboo. It may be due to caries, periodontitis, poor oral hygiene, inadequate dentures or underlying disease. The cause however lies in the oral cavity in 80% of cases. Regular appointments for prophylaxis, adhering to oral hygiene instructions and flossing may all be helpful.

It is important to address this topic openly during the session such that the cause and an appropriate solution may be found. We would be happy to coach you!