General dentistry

General dentistry

Conservative dentistry includes diseases of the dentine, especially caries. Simple observation, fillings or inlays are indicated depending on the severity and depth of caries.

Dental caries proceeds through several stages, ranging from early caries to caries profunda (very deep caries which may warrant root canal treatment).

Early caries is limited to the enamel and does not necessarily require treatment. Treatment is however indicated if caries extends deeper to the dentine since this may cause toothache. Dentine is softer as compared to enamel and favours the rapid spread of caries in this region.

Deep caries generally occurs in the absence of treatment and gives rise to severe toothache. Root canal treatment is inevitable if disease extends to the nerve of the tooth (pulp). This often causes very severe toothache and a swollen cheek in the absence of treatment. If the caries defect is small, it is removed and the tooth repaired with an aesthetically appealing plastic filling, which exhibits extreme occlusal stability and is comprised of nanohybrid composites (white fillings).
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Endotontology/ root canal treatment

Severe pain and a swollen cheek may occur if the tooth nerve is inflamed, caused by deep caries, due to a deep filling or an accident. Removal of the tooth nerve (root canal treatment) is then necessary. Inflammation persists in the body in the absence of treatment and residual bacteria may cause bone infection with disintegration of bone.
Treatment is undertaken mechanically and very gently.

Bite sensitive teeth or perception of hot/cold sensations of teeth are often the first signs of tooth nerve inflammation. The inflamed tooth nerve/tissue is removed during root canal treatment, the tooth canal is disinfected and then sealed with biocompatible material. An effort is made to repair and preserve the diseased tooth. Prognosis with this treatment is very good.